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The founder person of the company Shri Vrajlal Manilal Shah, had a vision-which he called it as "Quality Vision"-gifted with a foresight & sharp bussiness acumen he was the first to identify the vast potential of the burgeoning ready masala market.Thus in 1969 was born the product called "Shree Ganesh Masala".

Ever Since the inception Quality has been the guiding force for us because we have digested the golden maxim "Health Is Wealth", and healthy cooking is the foundation for healthy life - our masala have that quality Assurance for healthy cooking of course not missing on Taste & Aroma

At Shree Ganesh our only objective is 100% customer satisfaction, no wonder today our entire range of products, may it be the regular masalas or premium masalas or instant mix enjoy a very important or rather an indispensable position in the shelf of cooking accessories. The way to a man's heart is through the stomach, no wonder she uses our masalas for that delicious cooking and we too have mastered the art on how to nuture her emotions.

Spicies, Premium masalas and now Instant mix that's how we occupy a very special position in the lady'es heart because we understand her every need- therefore years ago we felt the need for a product which could copy with the changing times, more demanding times where priorities have changed. Life is going is jet speed, we are ushering in towards a new era, where every requirement is instant so we too joined that band wagon to launch our product "SHREE GANESH INSTANT MIX
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